What I’m Researching this Week

I recently started a part-time Research Position for AIChE Institute for Sustainability and have been keeping up with new trends in a few industries. These are a few of the articles I compiled from around the web and were indicative of future trends. Enjoy!

Toyota announces they will build “Tri-Gen” to generate water, electricity, and hydrogen from California agriculture waste. 2.35 MW of electricity and 1.2 tons of hydrogen will be produced each day and the plant will have a hydrogen hookup for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Bio-based and Bio-degradable Poly-urethane from PMVL (poly β-methyl-δ-valerolactone) was developed by University of Minnesota. The key to making this very adaptable and recyclable is the end product is able to be recycled and recovered as the monomer which allows it to be reformed into many different molecular weights for different applications.
Europe has allowed the use of a PET competitor plastic called PEF to be collected in the PET recycling stream. PEF is bio-based and has similar PET functionality but with improved strength and gas permeability.
P&G has developed (with their spin-off company Pure Cycle Technologies) a mainly mechanical way to sort through PP recycled material to near virgin plastic qualities. There is a large demand for recycled PP in the US and this allows the expansion of recycled PP to many other applications it was unsuited for previously.

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