Greg Dudish

Hey! I’m glad you stopped by. This is a bit about me and my philosophy around process consulting.

I’m a bit obsessed. I thrive on variety and love to dive into brand new processes. Even in my spare time I take tours of businesses and manufacturing facilities (Jelly Belly was my latest stop. Yum!)

I strive to collect an array of experiences of processes to expand my knowledge of the topic overall. My past projects include: petrochemicals, iPhone app development, medical device manufacturing, software installation, beef jerky delivery, and Chinese prototyping. And, I even developed a patent during my time manufacturing plastics: USPTO Website

For me, process is more than a way to boost productivity through standardization, it is a way to improve the lives of your employees. Through empowerment and old-fashioned listening, employees can become motivated to work harder when their problems and ideas are heard.

I specialize in listening to those problems, remaining open to new information, and designing sustainable solutions. And, when done right, a position at a company can become an employee’s creative space where they can feel the magic of being truly apart of something greater than themselves.

Contact me if you have a process need: New process implementation, process verification, process improvement, project management, etc.